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The perfect gift – for yourself or to show someone you care, while supporting the Swedish Kidney Association

Kidneys are amazing. They perform vital functions that help maintain overall health, including filtering waste and excess fluids from the blood. There are many causes of kidney disease. Almost one million Swedes have impaired kidney function, often without symptoms. Kidney failure is a hidden disease. If kidney function is greatly reduced or fails, dialysis becomes necessary, or a kidney transplant.

Around 25,000 people in Sweden have impaired kidney function. Almost 10,000 receive dialysis or have received a kidney transplant because their own kidneys have ceased to function.

The Swedish Kidney Association is dedicated to spreading awareness of the kidneys’ role in health. Many people are unaware that kidneys with impaired function can be protected for a long time through careful control of blood pressure and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Swedish Kidney Association works for good healthcare and an independent lifestyle for dialysis patients. For most dialysis patients a kidney transplant is their highest wish. A transplant usually means a return to a more normal life without being tied to or dependent on medical care. Unfortunately there aren’t nearly enough donated kidneys from deceased. There are long waiting lists for transplants, often several years long, unless a living donor can donate a kidney. Organ donation is an important focus in the work of the Swedish Kidney Association.

The Swedish Kidney Association needs resources to continue our work to influence development in kidney treatment and to further the interests of kidney patients. By buying a glass kidney or a silver kidney you are giving important support to the work of the Swedish Kidney Association.


To give a kidney or to receive a kidney from another human being is something that both giver and receiver bear with them forever. To give life and to be given life.

I chose the name YOU & ME as a celebration to life! The great gift of life, to care for one another is what it's all about. In designing the collection I was inspired by the natural shape of the human kidney. If you are giving or if you have been given a glass kidney you can place your own words, name or images under the clear glass, as a memory, or as a symbol.

When I designed the kidneys it was important to make choices that meant I could be close to the production process, to the materials and to the craftsmanship. The hand-molded glass and the silver jewellery is made in Småland, Sweden.

YOU&ME Collection is exclusively designed for the Swedish Kidney Association by Pamela Lindgren Designer MFA.